Why I Draw by Hand


I love many aspects of our computer driven world, especially in the way it has made communication so easy, cheap and multimedia. And it does make some aspects of interior design more efficient, for which I am grateful. But when it comes to drawing floor plans and elevations I am unreservedly old-fashioned.

Interior designers are all taught to “draw” on computer nowadays, and clients are presented with floor plans and elevations spit out from printers. I am not the most computer literate person (click here to see how stuffed my Filofax organizer is), but having seen how they work I’m convinced drawing by hand is better, at least for me. Why? Most importantly, I am limited only by my imagination. I can draw whatever I can see in my mind. The computer draws within the parameters of a computer program. So it will always exist in a space between you and your imagination. I prefer to avoid the filter.

Computers are supposed to be so efficient, but I have yet to meet a designer who can draw a plan on computer as fast as I can on paper. The idea moves from my mind to my fingers to the page quickly and easily, without technology getting in the way.

Then there’s the personal touch. Clients appreciate the craftsmanship of the floor plans and elevations I create by hand for their project. Seeing an elegant drawing is a refreshing reminder that we are not yet the machines technology seems intent on turning us into.

So give me Skype to talk to my French family, and texting to stay in touch with everyone, but leave me graph paper, pencils and templates to allow my creativity the free reign it needs to explore all the possibilities.

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