Right Hand


I’ve worked with many assistants over the years, and they’ve ranged greatly in ability and experience, but I have to say that Rena, my assistant for the past three years, has a level of commitment and competence that sets a new standard. In the photo you can see us working together at a client presentation, always on the same page, finishing each other’s sentences. There are so many details in an interior design project, so many suppliers, so many balls that have to be kept in the air. Rena is at virtually all my client and supplier meetings, and when I have a question about a hardware finish or chandelier style or room dimension she either knows it or finds it. She mucks in with me to do all of the decidedly unglamorous parts of our work—shlepping, stitching, hammering, yesterday we were potting outdoor greenery. We’re a great team, and I am lucky to have her.

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