My Plans Redux


I posted this last November 2, just as we started work on the complete restoration of our apartment in Montclair. We received permits in December, started demolition in January and finished in May. As always with these projects, it can be a trial, but when it’s done you conveniently forget the difficulties. Actually, in this case it was relatively painless. And we’re thrilled with the result. 

Here I’m doing what I do virtually everyday—working with a contractor on architects drawings. With one big difference: these plans are for my dream apartment in Montclair. I’ve posted about our move here. It’s a novel experience, being the client and designer. I like it. We’ll be doing extensive renovation: two new baths, new kitchen, central AC. There will be built in bookcases by my master cabinet maker. Existing walls will be taken down, and by combining kitchen and dining room I’ll free space for a second guest bedroom and studio for my forays into painting. Challenges include rerouting heating pipes, which at the moment bisect my guest bedroom’s bed. My intrepid contractor has solved much weightier problems than this, so I’m not worried. Permits are being pulled as we speak, and I’ll share all the trials and tribulations along the way.

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