How to Spend a Painless Day at the Airport


Our trip to and from France this summer involved layovers in London of 8 hours in both directions. I found the perfect way to make a day at the airport as painless as possible: Yotel. This high-tech hotel is located in Terminal 4 at Heathrow. You arrive at an unassuming entrance to what might be an ordinary airport lounge. Inside, you enter what could double as a sci-fi interstellar transport module. The bed lowers from sofa to very comfortable king size, the complete bath features a powerful shower, there’s a flat screen TV and, most important, it is completely soundproofed. After our 8 hour womb-like retreat, we were refreshed and renewed as we braved the noisy crowds on the way to our gate. And at a little over $100, the price was very reasonable.

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