Goat Cheese Medallions

I’ve been experimenting with this recipe for several months, and the last iteration at a dinner party last weekend was the best of the bunch. Take an 8 ounce goat cheese log, 8 ounces of ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, one egg yoke, a pinch of salt, pepper, dill or parsley, and mix in a food processor to a creamy smooth consistency. Use a round 4 inch container, coat with butter, put one sun dried tomato and a sprig of parsley at the bottom, then fill ¾ of the container with the mixture. Put on a tray with an inch of water and bake at 375 degrees for 14 minutes. Let it cool and take out of the container when it’s time to serve. A Coulis de Tomate (tomato without the skin or seeds) forms a colorful base for the goat cheese, garnished with homemade croutons and fresh parsley on top. It’s light and delicate, with a subtle taste that whets the appetite for the meal to come.

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