An Illustrated Guide to Baking a Raspberry Tart


It all starts with the dough. I decided to include cocoa in the dough to add to the visual presentation and because you can’t have too much chocolate flavor.  My forearms are well developed from shlepping fabrics, tiles, etc to my interior design clients; rolling dough is easy by comparison, especially after my husband bought me the Ferrari of rolling pins. Heavy, made of marble, and easy to roll because of it’s heft.


After cutting off a section of dough, I place in round individual serving dishes, which I also use for Crème Brulee.


I put wax paper in each dish, and add weights so the dough doesn’t rise. Then it’s in the oven for about half an hour.


Butter and chocolate are combined in a glass bowl in a pan with an inch of hot water. It’s very easy to burn the chocolate, so I often remove from the flame as I mix.

Tart6E    Then I add the mixture to a bowl of whipped eggs, and blend.

Tart8ENext the mix is spooned into the dishes, just covering the bottom.


Now the raspberries are placed, which make such a lovely presentation with the chocolate pastry. Perfect in the autumn, when the last fresh raspberries appear.


Finally, I squeeze more of the chocolate from a pastry bag, filling up the dish in the spaces between the raspberries. Then I place in the oven for 8 minutes.


The proof is in the eating, and my dinner party guests handily disposed of their generous portions to appreciative oohs and aahs. For me cooking is not too far removed from interior design—color, texture and pattern are manipulated, there are many elements involved, a degree of discipline and detail is required, and the result when it’s right is warm contentment and appreciation. Of course you can’t taste my interior designs, but several clients have suggested that they’re good enough to eat—at least with their eyes!

Send me a note if you’d like the complete recipe…


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