Pioneering the Art of Interior Design


I caught a great exhibit at the British Library in London on Georgian England, 1714-1837. England’s empire was growing (except, of course, on our side of the pond) and a consumer society was born. One of the benefits of this prosperity was an interest in interior design, and for more than just the aristocratic few. Lesser mortals could choose fabrics, floor coverings and furniture styles, lighting and draperies from extensively illustrated catalogs. Architects dominated the field, and the brothers Robert and James Adam led the way in the 1760s. They pioneered the idea that there should be an integrated style for all elements of a home, interior and exterior. You can see one of their elegant armoires above. The Adam’s Style quickly evolved into the Regency and French Empire. But the idea that interior design is a discipline was popularized by the Brothers Adam. So in a way I owe my livelihood to their new way of looking at design, over two hundred years ago.

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