Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall


A wavy burl wood frame highlighted by the darker inside edge of this mirror helps create the soothing calmness of a master bath. In the reflection you can see the furnishings of the equally restful master bedroom.



An English Chippendale mirror adds counterpoint curves to a very linear room, the antiqued glass providing a filtered look at the French blue striped paper.



The bold floral paper of this seaside bedroom would clash with a painting, but the antique mirror with mahogany detail instead provides a canvass to showcase the rich blue paper.



A stylized faux porthole peers out from a whimsical bath with the feel of a carefree summer cruise, aided by deco posters of the South of France, circa 1930.



The deep, overhanging pediment of this long and narrow antique mirror replicates the shape of the ornate fireplace in this traditional setting.


Shakespeare said theater puts a mirror up to nature, reflecting the world we live in. To me, mirrors reflect the homes we live in. They reveal whatever is in their field of view—combinations of paintings or furnishings, wall color or paper or accessories. The look of the mirror can function as any other design element, accentuating or counterpointing the scheme. The mirror is a window that adds another dimension to a design, providing depth and adding size. In a beautifully put together room, the mirror does what mirrors do for attractive individuals: it lets the room show off.

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