A Few Tips on Quality Furniture

I was at a client recently who impulsively purchased a sofa last year at a price that seemed too good to be true. Turns out it was too good to be true, showing considerable wear after less than a year of use. It’s an object lesson on the importance of purchasing quality goods. Penny wise and pound-foolish is a well-worn phrase, but in the furniture business it is so true.

Poorly made sofas are glued instead of hand doweled, they use wood that is not kiln-dried, and the result is that even with light use they will wear out quickly. Cushion foam should have a high-density core with a wrap of down that is channeled so it doesn’t move. A cheap core with a wrap of polyester will simply not last.

There are, of course, different price points, but you can purchase a quality piece that will last a lifetime without paying a fortune. So as you make interior design choices remember that there is no value in paying less for poorly made furniture. Conversely, paying a little more is sometimes the shrewdest investment of all.


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