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Sometimes change can be liberating. My husband and I have decided to sell our home in West Orange and move to an apartment in downtown Montclair. No more snow removal. A short walk to everything from foreign films to restaurants, bookstores and interesting boutiques. The freedom to take off whenever we want just by locking the door. A chance to start with a clean sheet of paper to create my dream apartment, answering to nobody but my husband, who, it must be said, is very easy. The classic building has high ceilings, big windows and views of Manhattan. I fell in love with it while working on a project there, and my client, who happens to be a real estate agent, mentioned there was an identical apartment coming free a few floors down. The fact that it needs a lot of work makes it perfect. So I’ve become my client’s client. Hopefully we’ll embark on a complete renovation next month, and move next March. I really do feel liberated. Of course it’s early days, and there’s much work and uncertainly ahead, but that’s all part of the adventure. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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