Inside the Sevres Porcelain Works


My sister recently told me about a fascinating destination for Parisian visitors—Sevres. The finest French Porcelain has been hand-made in this Paris suburb for over 270 years.When Louis XV discovered that mistress Madame de Pompadour was a Porcelain devotee he became obsessed and moved the best French craftsmen to Sevres, with the express goal of surpassing the German work of Meissen and Dresden. 


In spite of the hiccup caused by the French Revolution, Sevres grew to produce some one of Europe’s most impressive Porcelain. And it’s produced to this day using largely the same techniques. A tour of the factory offers a fascinating glimpse at this ageless craft. To arrange a tour you must contact the factory in advance.






To request further information email the factory:; For a comprehensive look at Sevres, the website (in French) is

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