How I Spent My Summer Vacation


Mitchell and I spent several weeks in the Berkshires in August, playing host to family and friends.  We gallantly fought swarms of mosquitoes with Neutrapel (no Deet and 8 hour protection!) and took advantage of the cultural attractions of Tanglewood and Shakespeare and Company. I painted a masterpiece my husband is convinced ranks with the great masters, baked several tarts that did not go unappreciated, read about the remarkable Lucie de la Tour du Pin (see post on Dancing To The Precipice), and managed to forget about the shop for at least 5 minutes. The picture above was taken on our deck in bucolic Great Barrington, and features (left to right) Mitchell’s son Adam, myself, Nicole and her husband (and my son) Matt. Matt is holding Frankie, the pug that he and Nicole are inordinately fond of. My good friend Patty Brown Christenson, husband John and sons Ian, Joel and Gordon went further afield this summer–a genuine safari in Africa. You can follow their adventures at If you’d like to share your summer adventures with the readers of Chez Catherine, please contact me by email at or you can use the Ask Catherine form at the top of the right hand column of the blog.

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