How I Spent My Summer Vacation




That’s me in the lower right of the top photo, sitting on the terrace of my sister’s country home in Beaufort-sur-Gervanne, in southeastern France. The terrain is rugged—dramatic mesa’s offer breathtaking views from impossibly narrow roads. The pristine rivers rush forcefully through the scenery, feeding powerful falls gushing from great heights into gleaming pools. The area was home to the Maquis, hardy resistance fighters who hid in terrain inhospitable to the Nazis in WWII. It was extraordinarily hospitable to us.

We spent the vacation with our children and their significant others, hiking, biking, exploring ancient villages, eating and drinking well (the local rose wine was a welcome companion at every meal), and simply taking in the natural beauty of a land that radiates an Eden-like bliss. The weather is dry and without humidity and the windows are without screens because mosquitoes are persona non grata (see view from window in lower photo). I spent two weeks without turning on my phone, going online, or looking at a TV screen. I’ll be posting more highlights of the trip soon.


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