Country Comfort in the Vercors






Spent the past week in the village of Beaufort sur Gervanne, in the Vercors region of southeast France. Four generations of my family were there, and it was a glorious retreat from the urban world to the simple charms of this secluded, idyllic village. The grape harvest was in full swing, and workers were seen busily scurrying around the fields with sacks, an annual rite for over two thousand years.

We visited a small farm where goat cheese is made, watching the goats being milked and the cheese being produced. The result is cheese with a fresh natural taste that is impossible to duplicate in the store bought item, especially in America, where by law it must be pasteurized.

Of course we ate well, and the picture features trout with béchamel sauce served in an inexpensive outdoor bistro. We did much more, including visiting an ancient tower whose ramparts still soar into the Vercors sky.

All in all a heavenly trip, and I couldn’t help but wonder, as I landed in Newark airport, whether the residents of Beaufort sur Gervanne weren’t far better off.

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