“Oh, to be in England…”







Spent a sublime Christmas in London, visiting our son and daughter in law. Nicole was, as usual, the best guide to the city, especially the gastronomic possibilities. I’ll devote a post just to the food.

Photo at top was taken on our day trip to Brighton, along the Channel coast. It may not be the Cote D’Azur, but I spent a glorious time at the English seaside learning the language (or so my parents thought) as a teen, so I have a special place in my heart for the pebbly beaches and watery sun.

Had to visit Harrods in the second pic, awed by the over the top excess, whether it’s a backgammon set for $20,000, or a crystal and gold centerpiece for $200,000. I saw my favorite glass artist, Dale Chihuly’s work. Beautiful, pristine, the colors are mind-blowing. The exhibit says he “changed the definition of glass.” I agree.

On a more cuddly note, the green Harrod’s toy truck stuffed with teddy bears put a smile on my face. Made me think of grandson Owen. Passed a shop near Chiswick that definitely had me bemused. As the elders among us know, CCCP are the initials of the former Soviet Union, our mortal enemy in the cold war. This section of London is heavily Polish—and Poland was a not so happy member of the CCCP, so the name clearly has an element of irony. I think.

Finally an ad seen in the London Underground that I have to share. “Decorating jobs with better pay” it announces, with the visual of a paint brush morphing into a wad of cash. Now, in England, decorating jobs are essentially what we would call contracting jobs, so these are not interior design jobs as we know them. I don’t care…”Decorating jobs with better pay” is a manifesto I can easily embrace!

So we’re back at work in New Jersey, all those delicious meals and fascinating sights just a memory. But what memories! And traveling memories are especially vivid, as time goes by.

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