Where Bikes and Old VWs Rule

The casual visitor to Portland, Oregon can’t help but notice the profusion of bicycles. There are bikes with containers for shopping or the kids, and bikes with trailers for large deliveries. There are all manner of bike events, including a day when Portland’s many bridges are closed to cars so the bikes can frolic without hindrance. This bike-centric vibe definitely contribute to the relaxed, low-pressure feel that makes Portland so delightful. Even the cars are interesting, either old VW vans or ancient Volvos or Karmann Ghias. And the cars are all driven very slowly, to make sure they avoid the bikes. If bikes and old VWs are your thing, Portland is your town. Oh, and the food is great, too.

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  1. Scrolling through your wonderful blog, I giggled as I saw the old Kamann Ghia. At the ripe age of 13, I learned to drive a stick-shift in a convertible Karmann Ghia almost identical to that one. Now let me see if I can remember what year that was!!! ;-)
    Thanks for the great memory.

    Comment by Patty — August 30, 2010 @ 8:30 pm

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