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Fifteen years ago I designed a home in Maplewood for a charming couple in the process of becoming surgeons. Out of the blue they showed up at the shop a month ago, having tracked me down to our current studio in Short Hills. I was out at the time and, since the only well-dressed visitors we tend to get without appointments are salespeople, my husband asked which firm they represented. To his embarrassment they explained that they were both surgeons who had traveled from their home in Galveston Texas to a medical conference in Rutgers, and hoped to see me. They had enjoyed our project in Maplewood fifteen years ago, and hoped to talk to me about helping them in their 110-year-old historic home in Galveston.

Fast-forward to this week, and I’ve just returned from a trip to Galveston, energized by the project we’re embarking on. The home is captivating, built by one of Galveston’s leading families, when the city was one of the busiest ports in the country. I’m busy researching Galveston’s rich historical and cultural history.

The style of the home is eclectic, with elements of Mission and Art Deco. Zuber hand painted panels were commissioned specially for the dining room, there are glittering French crystal chandeliers, massive arched sliding doors, and stained glass panels are featured in several rooms. The house has tremendous character, full of fascinating detail, with a wonderful floor plan. My clients have eclectic tastes, including an impressive collection of 1940s American abstract art. The result will be anything but conventional.

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