Art of the Salle de Bain

Friends of mine were walking the picturesque streets of Paris recently when they took these photos of a shop dedicated to antique bathroom fixtures. The poster at the top left offers The Perfect Bathroom for 345 francs. The date of the poster is probably early 20th century, but even so it seems like a good deal, especially considering the elaborately designed clawfoot tub. The photo on the bottom left is a toilet that you certainly don’t see every day. The design on the front seems to echo the prow of old sailing ships, with a representation of a winged mermaid. For the avid antiquarian who has everything, this toilet might be the perfect find. I find it just the slightest bit over the top. It does bring a smile to my face, something I can’t say bathroom fixtures usually do.

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  2. Infromtoain is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

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