Antique Obsession


Last weekend I indulged my favorite pastime combining business with pleasure: antiquing. The Hudson Valley is a happy hunting ground for me and my best buddy (and fellow designer) Ken, and we spent the better part of the day indulging in our obsession.



I was drawn to these alabaster column lamps because of their height, the state of the alabaster (clear, not veiny), and, depending on the shade, their ability to fit both traditional and contemporary schemes.



This solid oak screen is very heavy, with actual wood pegs. You could get a modern repro version with fake pegs and hollow wood, and it wouldn’t be nearly as handsome. My client is delighted with its use as a headboard in their country home.



I was drawn to this beautiful old blackboard as a lovely addition to a child’s room or a family rec room, perfect for stimulating a youngster’s creativity in drawing or writing.

I know the shops in the Hudson Valley quite well, and visit frequently as their merchandise is always changing. Of course I had to buy something printed, which this time was a bound volume the weekly London Illustrated News from 1859. The bibliophile in me couldn’t resist.


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