A New Bed for Francois I

I imagine Francois I has summoned me to Azay Le Rideau in the summer of 1535 to discuss his new bed. I put together a fabric board and hope that if he likes the bed he’ll ask for my help with the interior design of the rest of the chateau. (He’s just confiscated it from his finance minister). The king likes heavy, ornate velour fabrics, and the color palette combines earthy eggplants with the royal standbys of red, light blue and gold. I promise the thick side curtains will keep his canopied bed toasty in the winter months, and we’ll use the best goose down for the mattress and pillows. Of course it won’t be cheap, but then it will be fit for a king. (Dreamt while staring at a display of fabrics used in the restoration of a sixteenth century bed in the Chateau Azay Le Rideau in the Loire Valley.)

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