A Hollow “Mount”

Edith Wharton was America’s first successful woman writer, author of “The Age of Innocence” and “Ethan Frome.” She also had a passionate interest in interior design; in fact her first major book was “The Decoration of Houses.” She put her ideas into practice in the design and construction of The Mount, the estate she and her husband built in Lenox, Mass in 1902.  I’ve meant to visit many times and had the opportunity recently. While the house and gardens are impressive, I was disappointed in the interior. They display some photos of the house as it was during her time, but there are no original furnishings. Designers have filled the space as a show house, so instead of getting an idea of what The Mount was like during it’s heyday, we see modern furniture “inspired” by Wharton’s ideas. Not very inspirational.

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