We’re Showing Quite a Lot of Skin

I’ve always loved using animal skin patterns in my interior designs, and these days they’ve gone from trendy to classic, offered in a bewildering array of fabrics, wall and floor coverings. The designs feature a who’s who of the animal kingdom: leopard and other big cats, a variety of snakes, ostrich and crocodile, even shark skin. The bold, statement-making patterns can be seen on hallway and powder room walls, area rugs and runners (my favorite), and ottomans, chairs and pillows. Colors run the gamut from traditional to neon bright. The photo above gives an indication of the multiplicity of cottons, velvets, chenille’s and leather (faux and real) that employ this vibrant design element. Like any element, it should not be overused, and my preference is to use them as a carefully chosen accent. After all, showing too much skin can be the height of bad taste.

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