The Importance of Being There


In your home you can see and touch the work I do. You constantly move through the environment we create together. There is an undeniable physical reality to my job. Which leads me to a medium with no physical reality at all: the internet. Of course I go online frequently and there’s no doubt that it has made me more efficient. These days I couldn’t do my job without it. It’s helpful to see all the options for a certain sofa or fixture or rug, the finishes and fabrics, the length of time for delivery. But what the internet will not let me do is sit on a sofa. Or touch a fabric. Or check the quality of construction. Or gauge the integrity of the supplier. When it comes to interior design, the truth is that you simply have to be there. In person.

For me this is the good news. The racks at the D&D building, the miles of aisles at the furniture shows, the meetings with real reps and real samples, are essential steps of a process I adore. Armed with these raw materials I create results that are as palpable as a plush carpet underfoot, as tangible as a solid oak table, as genuine as an antique escritoire.


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