Stress Free Zone


Just finished the redo of my clients’ charmingly rustic lake house, only an hour from their suburban home. The goal was to create a comfortable, attractive and durable design, in tune with the woodsy, laid back location. The dreary wall-to-wall carpeting in this downstairs family room was replaced by vinyl flooring that looks remarkably like wood planking, but is completely maintenance free. Track lighting highlights the art and accessories, the beaded board walls, and the stone fireplace with wood stove. Light, earth toned sofas and chairs encourage a spacious, airy feel, while the leather ottoman accommodates either your feet or your lunch tray. The geometrically patterned rug has a sisal feel, but is made of hard wearing polypropylene, virtually impervious to water damage.

It may be only a short drive away, but their weekend retreat takes my clients far away from the suburban scene, to a stress free zone that’s both easy to look at and take care of.

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