Interior Designer and Architect in Concert


One of the advantages of working on a project from the blueprint stage is that I get to create a design that works hand in glove with the architect’s plans. This detail shows one of the interesting features of architect Billy Toth’s design of my client’s Long Valley home: gentle arches leading from room to room, with different ceiling heights. In this photo, the hallway has a lower ceiling than the living room (visible in the right corner of the picture, framed by a gentle arch).

My goal is to create balance, which I accomplish in several ways. The French blue/grey paper with vertical stripe elevates the room and emphasizes the graceful arch. The large vertical mirror on the left is even more effective in the narrower space, adding perceived height while offering the reflection of the opposite arched wall and glass display case. The polished wood floors are another unifying element, and a series of area rugs works with the wood to bring out the best in both floor coverings. A beautiful collection of impressionist oil paintings, elegantly framed, adds considerably to the balance of this French Traditional home.

We’ll be doing extensive photography next month, but in the meantime this detail shows, in microcosm, how an architect and interior designer can work in tandem to create a harmonic, perfectly integrated design.

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