In Search of Bobby Fischer

If Bobby Fischer was still around he might enjoy playing chess in this annex off the great room of my client’s home near the New Jersey shore. Key to my interior design is the wide plank oak covered floor, and the custom-built bookcases filled with white leather bound books, and the jade colored accessories. Mr. Fischer was a notoriously finicky champion, but even he would have relaxed in this soothing space while he demolished the opposition. You can see the rest of this home here. 

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  1. @favoredsongsactually the entire line is flaewd why not move queen to b3 after castle?its a stronger move IMO and leads to Qf6 in order to protect against matethis leads to whites extremely strong move Bg5. black responds with Qg6 to keep with the protection.then white takes pawn with Nc3 black responds nf6 to castle quickly.either way if queen plays D5 then it loses a massive advantage in position over Qb3

    Comment by Martin — March 24, 2012 @ 7:50 am

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