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My clients were about to arrive for a presentation this past weekend, so I thought I’d share how my interior design process works. The project in this case is a town house in Florida. I arrange fabric, wallpaper, and flooring suggestions as a unified pallette, so that my client can see how color and texture will flow throughout the space. Then I proceed room by room with lighting and furnishing options. In this case the space will have a blue and white nautical theme with accents of yellow and red. The goal is to create a casual, practical space, fun for young people and kids. The fabrics are cotton and sunbrella, which don’t fade and clean easily. Over the course of the 4-hour meeting we made the important decisions and are now ready to go forward. I’ve worked with these clients before and we’ve developed the kind of understanding that makes the process enjoyable and the outcome impressive. You can find out more information about how my process work here.

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