From Attic to Home Office



This unused attic posed a considerable challenge to convert into a home office.

Instead of trying to hide the substantial eaves with walls or cabinets, I decided to take advantage of the dead space, creating a sitting area under the eaves, with skirted table, sofa, cocktail table and comfy armchair. The result is a home office suite that feels large and inviting. I followed the same course with built-in bookcases, angling the design to fit the line of the eave.

The light, art deco-like desk was also built to open up the space, while allowing for the required storage and double computer monitors. The bright colored fabrics used on the round table and pillows gives a nice accent to the design, and the antique art work, most of which is not seen in this photo, further serves to increase the sense of space.

The moral of this interior design story is that when you have obstacles, sometimes the best course is to embrace them. More home offices here. More before and after pictures here

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