The Two Most Dramatic Home Design Improvements: Color and Light

For those looking to make the most dramatic improvement in their space for the least expense, the two most important changes to make are color and light—painting the walls and creating a well-thought out lighting design. Many clients think of painting, but far fewer realize the great improvement that can be achieved by a well-thought out and diverse lighting design.

The photo above shows how a successful lighting design mixes a variety of lighting types to serve both utility and the mood of the space. The two chandeliers lead the eye to the sitting areas and the intricate stepped back wood ceiling. The understated recessed lights provide general fill light without any harsh glare. There’s also a lamp and a brace of sconces, and these multiple sources add flexibility, depth and richness to the design. The complete project can be seen here.

In the musical Sunday in the Park with George, the painter George Seurat sings a song called Color and Light. In the composition that is your home’s interior design, there is no color without light.


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