Children’s Rooms, Toddler to Teen


CostTeen2Doing the interior design of children’s rooms is very nostalgic. I can let my inner six-year old take over, and create the cozy, playful and serenely secure environment of an idyllic childhood. An angelic 6-year-old girl is the proud owner of the room on the left, completed recently. Positioning the bed in front of the window added to the perceived space and created a nook for reading. Every element–the animal theme on the windows, pillows and pictures, the colored carpet, the amusing lamps, the elaborately whimsical chandelier–add to the innocent, carefree effect. Children soon move on to the travails of adolescence, of course, and the room below housed a teen now at college. A hint of the playfulness remains, but it’s allied with a sophistication typified by the toile on the windows, repeated on the quilted coverlet, called a matelasse in France. The refined ottomans covered in a jaunty textured plaid also reflect this duality. The yellow and reddish tones give the room a comfy warmth on even the most dreary winter days.

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