A Room of One’s Own

I’ve never been asked to design a living space attached to the underside of a bridge. A unique challenge the gentleman in this video accomplishes with considerable ingenuity. 

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The Indestructible Beauty of Paris

We’ll be in Paris at Christmas, and after the horrendous terrorist acts—mercifully my family was spared—we will express our sympathy and solidarity with the people of this indestructible city. Here is a five-minute, speeded up tour that lovingly conveys the breathtaking beauty of the city of my birth.

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When Bread and Butter isn’t Just Bread and Butter

After watching this video, you realize how bread and butter can be one of the most exquisite gastronomic experiences. At least it can when it’s served in Dan Richer’s restaurant in Jersey City.

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Doll’s House Fit for a Queen

I’ve always been fascinated by doll’s houses. After all, they are elegant, finely detailed miniature interior designs. For many years I worked diligently on my own doll’s house until I recently gave it and many accoutrements to two very appreciative young girls in our family.

Queen Mary’s Doll’s House takes the concept to an entirely grander level. Built in the 1920s for Queen Mary, the wife of King George V, it was designed by one of the leading architects of the day, Sir Edwin Lutyens. A Who’s Who of the finest English artists and craftsmen all volunteered their talents. The house has running hot and cold water (including flushing toilets!) electricity, working elevators, a vast wine cellar with bottles filled with actual wine, and a library featuring England’s most well known authors, who donated miniature copies of their works. The video gives you a good sense of the scale and detail of this fantastic doll’s house, which is now being displayed in Windsor Castle.

The young girls to whom I gave my old dolls house have invited me to visit next spring. They promise I’ll see a substantial redesign. I think their mother will enjoy the process even more than her children.

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Tale of Two Cities

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Fast Food

Friends tell me that my pace as a chef is very speedy, but I can’t compete with this video.

one minute Apple pie from Animi on Vimeo.

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