Where to Store Big, Heavy Books

mag-racks-e1373288734265Coffee table books are still selling well in our increasingly paperless world, and for good reason. I don’t care how high the screen resolution is on your tablet, a large format book with dazzling photos has yet to meet its match in the digital world. If you’re like me, you love to page through these behemoth books about art or interiors, feeling the heft and tangibility and marveling at the sheer size of the images.

The English eighteenth century antique reproduction magazine racks in the photo are the perfect repositories for a sampling of your favorite super sized books. The designs are wonderfully elaborate, in fine mahogany burl, suspended on tiny wheels.  The little one on the left with the checkerboard pattern is the outlier here, meant to top a chest. Think of it as the iPad of its day—portable, yet able to carry a dozen magazines and a few books.

Of course, coffee table books can be beautifully decorative in their own right; when placed in one of these elegant containers the result adds a note of tech weary sophistication to living rooms, offices, and even bedrooms. Big heavy books are one of life’s pleasures. Long may they resist the tide of digital domination. How about a plea for peaceful coexistence?

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