Try Reading This Book on Your iPad

eReaders like the Kindle are supposed to be taking over. After all, you can take hundreds of books with you on vacation. (Why would you want to?). They’re eco-friendly. (At least paper can be recycled–what about the poisonous chemicals in eReaders?) Nevertheless, I’m prepared to agree that ebooks are the future—for some books.  Try reading this magnificent archive of the decorative arts–and a treasure trove for interior designers–on your iPad. At 17” x 12”, it may be too big to take on vacation, but what it will do is transport you to another world. The rich colors on large sheets of thick, textured paper, the sheer tactility of the experience, immerses you in this catalog of exquisite objects that existed long before electric light, much less computers. Each page is a work of art that you can touch. Call me old-fashioned but this is one experience I can’t get staring at a screen.

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