Flair Magazine

I treasure the tactility and visual allure of good magazines, especially as they seem to have become endangered species. And no magazine was more tactile or alluring than Flair, a cutting edge publication that lasted for a dozen issues in the 1950s.

Created by Fleur Cowles, the legendary artist, writer and editor, Flair was meant for both sexes, combining art, fashion, beauty, décor, humor, entertainment, travel and literature. The contributors were a who’s who of the 50s, including Salvador Dali, Eleanor Roosevelt and Tennessee Williams. Flair broke all the rules for magazine production: the covers feature a peephole-like cutout and inside are inserts of varying sizes that add visual and textural interest.

The production costs ultimately sunk Flair, but if you are a magazine junkie like me, bid on one of the copies that are always trading on eBay.

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