The Mind-Blowing Art of Patrick Hughes

I’m always fascinated by art that fools the eye, or trompe l’oeil in France. In this case the art doesn’t just fool the eye, it fools the whole body. The art is actually a wooden sculpture built out from the frame. What appears to be the furthest thing away is actually the closest. As you move the art moves. People find themselves bobbing and weaving to see the movement. I watched these videos several times before I made sense of it. This intro video is three minutes long. If you’re intrigued, the 15 minute video can be viewed here. And if you go to the Flowers Gallery at 529 West 20th St. between now and June 7, you can see his work in person. A friend told me that in person Hughes’ “Reverspective Art” is truly mind blowing. I’ll be there this weekend.


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