Portland Gallery Finds: Michael Flohr


There were two artists I was particularly impressed with during my recent trip to Portland, Oregon, Michael Flohr and Annie Meyer. Flohr’s style is a modern take on impressionism. As he says: My goal as a modern impressionist is to capture a gesture and a mood, not necessarily every pore on the face of a person depicted in one of my paintings. I want my figures to be a part of the painting, not the painting itself. They work together in the environment creating the movement and emotion in a piece.” Spoken like a true disciple of Pissaro, Monet, Manet and Degas. Flohr’s subject matter is drawn from nightlife scenes, cityscapes, still lifes and figurative portraiture. It’s largely urban in content, and it’s execution, while bordering on the surreal, is familiar and captures contemporary reality with great fidelity.

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