Pat Bell’s Home is Where the Art is












When my husband and I parked on Pat Bell’s driveway in the early evening darkness last Friday we were immediately drawn like moths to the brightly lit interior of her Victorian home. But it wasn’t only the light that drew us in. We could see a tapestry of images and colored objects lining every inch of wall space. Pat opened the door and we entered a home that I can only describe as a magnificent work of art, comprising hundreds of individual works of art. The density of the pieces on display is extraordinary, on walls, sills, table tops, display cases, easels; every conceivable surface plays host to Pat’s collection, presenting the eye with a flood of impressions.

The dominant media is photography, but there are a profusion of paintings, sculptures, a magnificent glass collection, and much more. As an interior designer what most impressed me was the way Pat has integrated her furnishings and color choices with her collection, so that they complement each other perfectly. We spent a lovely hour being led through the space, including the large indoor swimming pool that looked particularly attractive in the freezing temperatures.

I should mention that Pat is our financial advisor, and very fortunate we are to work with her. She is also a brilliant art collector, and she has created a unique showplace, a space where the interior design is indivisible from the artwork. I am looking forward to my next visit. I need more time to take it all in.

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