If These Rooms Could Talk…




The story would make a great movie: Parisian actress, lover of prime ministers and famous painters, leaves Paris for the south of France just as the Germans march in. Seventy years later she dies and her abandoned apartment is discovered, untouched since the Nazis arrived in 1940. Under layers of dust the original furnishings remain, as well as a painting that an expert decides could be valuable. Turns out the picture of the woman in the red dress (the actress’s grandmother) sells for $2.5 million at auction. But the bigger questions remain. Why did Marthe de Florian never return to her Parisian apartment? Why did she abandon all of her furniture and furnishings? Most importantly, why did she give up the artwork painted by her lover? The answers just might be hiding in the bundle of carefully tied love letters that were also found discreetly placed in a dust shrouded desk.

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