Uniting Lonely Antique Saucers with Their Mates

I’m an antique addict, so when I read about Richard Brendon’s Reflect project I was intrigued, to say the least.

In his antique ramblings, this innovative English designer noticed that there are many more antique saucers than cups. He joins these lonely saucers with cups that he’s painted with a platinum gilding to create a highly reflective mirrored finish.

As you can see from the photos, the cups reflect the patterned saucers, creating a perfect match. In spite of what you think when you first view them, there is no painting on the cup other than the reflective finish. You can see this more clearly in the second photo, which displays the cup from a different perspective.

I think these pieces are too special to use for tea and scones. They would feature more prominently in my interiors. I’d find the right bookshelf or cabinet to display them, and watch my clients marvel at their ingenious design.

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