Is it a Real Orchid, or is it Silk? Only Your Interior Designer Knows for Sure

silk phal orchids

Ficus7x4Fichus trees are beautiful, but they are constantly shedding their leaves and sometimes they can inexplicably die. The finest silk (a better word than fake) versions of Fichus can be just as beautiful, need absolutely no upkeep and last virtually forever. Orchids are notoriously hard to grow and maintain, while the silk versions are maintenance free. One client was overjoyed with her beautiful planters and healthy plants until they did what all living things do. She’s very happy with the silk substitutes. The truth is that the best silk plants and flowers are very tough to identify compared with their living counterparts, even side by side. My house cleaner was watering my silk Fichus–which I keep amongĀ  living plants in my sun room–for months until I informed her that it was doing nothing but creating a damp spot under the planter. I filled the window boxes at our shop with silk poinsettia plants during the winter, giving some much needed color to the grey, cold season. So don’t turn your nose up at silk greenery; with the right planter it can be even better than the real thing.

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