Belle Maison is a full-service interior design studio based in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Homeowners come to Belle Maison seeking the guidance they need to create the home of their dreams. We embark together on a journey of discovery, of color and texture, fabric and furnishings. The destination is a home that combines elegance with warmth, sophistication with accessibility, an artistic aesthetic with a perfect fit.

Please consider the portfolio of our work, the testimonials typical of the long-term relationships at the core of our business, and the philosophy of the founder and guiding force of Belle Maison, Catherine Engelmeyer.

Photography by Andrew Cammarano, Brown Cathell, Mitchell Engelmeyer, Peter Rymwid


"Found time to accessorize my client’s living room. Still need to sort the electrics to make all the lamps work, and we need artwork for several walls, but we’re almost there."
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“Catherine’s impeccable taste, style and design sense have transformed our entire home into our very own Belle Maison.”
Ellin, Maplewood, NJ
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